He’s Baaaaaack! Some thoughts on John Galliano’s return to Maison Margiela


John Galliano has returned to fashion with a triumphant debut for Maison Margiela and the Martin is gone. In total there were 24 looks. I’ve posted a few hear that I liked.
Presenting his spring 2015 couture collection in London, rather than the usual Paris slot, the former Dior designer chose an anonymous office block setting – how fitting, considering Martin Margiela is a man ironically famed for his invisibility.


Handing over the house keys to one of the most high-profile designers ever was surely a risk for MM’s uniform ‘collective’, but one that seems to have paid off as the artisanal collection emerged.


Perfectly deconstructed tuxedos and pitch-perfect column gowns were quick to remind us that Galliano’s tailoring skills are second-to-none, while surrealist embellishments (a razor cut coat breast covered with patent shells in a sort of latex lobster look) showed us that he can still come up with kooky-cool new concepts aplenty.

He had plenty of supporters there such as Anna Wintor and others.


But it was the show’s finale that really struck a chord with the audience, as the previous looks emerged again in calico toile form, tacked with instructions and handwritten notes. Partly, perhaps, a reference to his original debut as a graduate in 1984, and partly, of course, to remind everyone that the new Galliano is still a work in progress.

Photo Credit: Marcu Tondo / Indigitalimages.com


8 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaaack! Some thoughts on John Galliano’s return to Maison Margiela

  1. I agree that this collection was a dazzling one and a new page for Galliano; only the beginning of what I expect is going to be a great story. I loved the surrealist embellishments and strange faces that appeared with beautiful abstract eyes staring out!

  2. I love the collection! You can still see the brand MMM in it, yet Galliano didn’t loose his identity. looking forward to see more 😀 xxx

  3. He´s a great designer, I have a lot of respect and love for his idea´s and designs. But it will not excuse what he has said. And I know that he was troubled with prescription drugs, alcohol, death of close friends and family and such, But still. He is an blatant racist and no beautiful gown can change that. I think it´s scandalous that he was given another chance in the major fashion industry.

    • I’m really glad you’ve said this as I’ve written about it on tumblr too and completely agree, although I didn’t really make that out in my first comment. I have no respect for him as a person and I’m glad that at least with MM he’ll no longer be a brand and personality but behind the scenes.
      I do think it’s disgusting how his actions were completely swept under that carpet by everyone in the fashion world. He never acknowledged the anti-semitism in his “apology”. He showed not remorse or change in his opinions. Alcoholism and drugs are why he got caught, not why he said those things.

      I’m a big fan of his work and was devastated when the news came out about what he’d done. How can someone make such beautiful things when they’re full of such nasty hatred?

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