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Pretty please would you write just a few words or a lot of words about well . . . what you would like to talk about.  I’m into fashion so that what this blog is about but you don’t have to talk with me about that. I would love your opinions about fashion. As long as you want.  But I will tell you that this past fashion month has totally wore me out.  It was such a huge roller coaster ride! Good or Bad, Ugly or lovely. I had all those feelings.   But more than me talking I would like you to talk.  It’s so important as a new blogger to find out what you think.

Even if:

you know nothing about fashion and you just want to say hi or tell me off

you really don’t understand what the big deal is about a whole month of fashion.

you want to talk about what you liked

you want to talk about what you didn’t like

you just want to say something

you have dropped by my blog and you would like me to talk about something in particular.

The point is there is no right and wrong about any of your opinions.  It would totally make my day to hear from you.

If you want to have a look at my blog with pictures of the latest fashion you can just click below.  Tell me what you think about it!!!!

Not Ordinary Fashion


I'm a fashion lover thru and thru. But for me it's all about details, details, details.


  • B


    First of all i have to tell you that I love your blog, tumblr, facebook.
    I’m also into fashion in fact I will go to fashion design faculty in october.

    I have one question for you wich doesnt include this month of fashion.

    I saw a video you posted on facebook about haute coututre – the people who create the details and i was wondering how does one get there? How do you get in to the house of haute couture and start doing details for big designers?

    Have a great day,

    • notordinaryfashion

      First of all thanks so much for the lovely compliments! Congrats on going to fashion school! How exciting is that!!
      I love videos on how they actually make the fashion. I look at them all the time. I don’t know how to go work in the fashion houses. But I bet when you go to fashion school they might be about to give you more information. When you find out let me know. I have a feeling it’s like such a small trade that they let people into. Apprenticeship possibly?

      xx for writing me

    • notordinaryfashion

      I’m not there personally. Aren’t the details amazing. It’s all about the details for me. I search and search for the videos of the “how haute couture” is made. Thanks so much for loving my blogs. xx

  • Ibrahim Fairoozy

    I am 17 years old and I wanna go to a fashion design school. But the problem is that I am straight. And there is a few successful straight guys in this industry. So what should I do? Do I have to make girl friends or not join at all?
    Do you think straight males have a chance in fashion?
    Thank you.

  • papi rouge

    Ookayy, so here’s my opinion
    I’m a graduated fashion student, and the more time passes by and the more i find the fashion industry uninteresting… All the shows are definitively looking the same : lace, transparence, drapé, embroidery and god awful prints… You can hardely differentiate brands now, like Gucci who’s started to look like a mix between Valentino and Prada. And don’t even get me stated with the Saint Laurent disarter… It’s been few seasons already the collections are PURE TRASH and this mess will continue as apparently the sales completely exploded since Slimane’s take over…. Yup, seeing that fugly designs are apparently what sells the most is definitively the sign that the fashion industry is definitively doomed and fucked up
    Also the models… seriosuly, i just can’t even with this white prebuscent male trend…. I’m starting to be reaally uncomofrtable seeing bland-looking dudes looking like they are 13 walking down the runways ; this shit needs to stop.
    Also i’m fed up apllying for fashion designers jobs while this industry is definitively not for genuine hard workers but is more about poseurs and connexions….

    • Ibrahim Fairoozy

      i agree with you 100% you know there some designers who wants the models to walk naked!! some say its art, but i believe its disrespectful for a woman to be treated like commodity. and i think they ran out of ideas.

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