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It’s raining outside and cold. It’s January, sigh. Christmas is over.  When I think of January I think of a lot of things. Like yay my family made it through Christmas without a major blowup. Next thing; January is my birthday month. Notice did not say birthDAY I said Month. I like to celebrate it all month-long.  Like doing special little things for myself. Nothing big or even noticeable to others, well maybe now that I think about it people really close to me might notice.  Here are a few examples. I may stay up and binge watch something just a little too long. Drink hot cocoa whenever I want to. Have my hair blown out and styled by someone else. Buy a book I’ve been drooling over. Write in my journal every day what I’m grateful for. Dance in the rain. Don’t make my bed. You know little things that make me happy.  So now that I’ve told the world on my tiny little fashion blog, it’s no longer a secret. I’m not entirely comfortable with that.  The reason this fabulous picture is with this post is that it’s one of my all time fav models and wearing one of my all time fav designs by the amazing Mr. McQueen when he was still with us.  (Nope I’m not going to talk about David Bowie or Alan Rickman.) I’ve wanted this jacket and pants and hair and belt since the first time I saw it on the runway.  As you know this blog is about details and opulence and the remarkable people who design it and create it. I sew and when I look at it I feel humbled every time.  It’s not a small thing to design and create such an amazing garment. Sooooo if I can’t have it for my birthday, I can look at it and really appreciate it and of course the beauty of both the person wearing such a fabulous thing and the people who made it.  It’s a big month in Fashion for the Men’s collections. That’s for another time. Happy January!  Hey, do me a favor and tell me what makes you happy in January.

I'm a fashion lover thru and thru. But for me it's all about details, details, details.


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